The hansal brand

hansal - for a lifetime!

- a sanotact GmbH brand -

With the hansal brand, we offer you a large selection of high-quality health products for the whole family.
hansal supplies you and your family with all important vitamins and minerals, selected for and tailored to your requirements at every stage of life.

Your satisfaction and confidence in the hansal brand is our top priority. To consistently meet our uncompromising standards for quality and safety, we rely on our quality assurance systems with internationally recognised certifications, as well as carefully selected raw materials and production in Germany.

To ensure production of clean, safe and legal products our company has implemented quality management processes and procedures, like a comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept (HACCP) and monitoring of the complete production process.

Our certifications include:

  • International Food Standard IFS (Higher Level)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice GMP (IPEC-PQG)


hansa-pharm Dr. Winter GmbH is a subsidiary of sanotact GmbH, a company with proven expertise in the confectionery and healthcare segments. For more than 60 years, sanotact has been acting in the interests of your health. Its success, especially with glucose products, functional foods and food supplements, is based on the many years of experience and professional expertise of its employees. Learn more.

Today sanotact GmbH is a subsidiary of DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH. In 2005 sanotact became a member of the Humana group of companies. In May 2011 the companies Humana Milchindustrie GmbH and Nordmilch GmbH merged to form the largest company in the German dairy industry: the DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, also known simply as DMK. As an affiliated company, sanotact GmbH remains a 100% subsidiary of DMK. Learn more.